Meet Mrs. D

That's me (on the left). Mrs. D-Zo. But pre-pregnancy since I want you to like me and nobody likes wilted hippopotamuses which is what I look like now.

Mr. D-Zo is to the right. I figured it best I include him too since he's the reason I'm in the predicament I'm in.

Since I'm the first woman in the history of ever to have a baby, I figured I would share my experiences with you.

OK, maybe not.

I figured I'm the first woman to be pregnant and not be completely enthralled with each and every minute of it. So I started this blog to show what happens when moms stop being polite and start being real.

Fine, I needed something to do to distract me from my boring day job and starting a blog seemed easier than taking up French, gardening or exercise.

Updated: Well I'm no longer pregnant, so it's time to update this page. Somehow we are a few months into this having a kid thing and have yet to take a picture as a family. We're not terribly sentimental people here.

Here's one of me and The Bean (Cadence Lynn...Cadie for short) after an exhausting afternoon of watching a Top Chef marathon.

THANK GOD!!! We finally got a family photo done...

What do you mean it doesn't count???