Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And We're Back

After a lovely escape to Lake Tahoe, we are glad to be back home in Atlanta. Sweeping up a never-ending supply of dog hair. Cleaning dirty dishes. Working absurd hours. Doing laundry. Did I say I was glad to be back?

I had a lot of time to think on this trip. Mainly because I was unable to participate in many of the activities Lake Tahoe in the winter is famous for: skiing, hot tubbing, drinking and more skiing. But fresh air and good friends are always welcome, and I had plenty of both.

I'm in the second trimester and so far, you can have it: I'm bloated and fat and only those closest to me know I'm pregnant. Everyone else gives me dirty looks implying I should've not had that extra piece of pie over the holidays.

I'm mostly not sick, except those times when I am. The best part about those times: I never know when they may arise...like mid-sentence on the phone with a client. Ah, the dry heaves are truly the way to express client service.

Nothing fits quite right. Not regular clothes. Not my fat girl clothes. Not maternity clothes. All sweat pants, all the time.

The second trimester is all about the sexy.

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Lauren said...

Maternity legging!!!! Run (waddle)to target.