Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's Time to Glow

Welcome Week 16 and what my doctor and the nurses told me were the "glowing" weeks of pregnancy.

If by glowing they meant no sleep, instantaneous fluctuations from freezing cold to sweating, bloating of ridiculous proportions, the whole no pooping thing and a desire to sit around and do nothing...then yes, I'm glowing.

There's a lot of hurry up and wait in pregnancy. You go to the doctor's office every 4 weeks for a check up to make sure everything is progressing. That sounds like a lot of visits...before you realize you are growing ANOTHER HUMAN BEING.

I freak out over watering my plants...I'm pretty sure we should be checking in on a baby a little more frequently.

I had an appointment today. One I was anxiously awaiting since it had been 4 weeks since my last check-in and in the beginning of the second trimester you barely feel pregnant. (Who knew dry heaving could be so comforting?) So I wanted to get in there and hear the heartbeat doing its thing.

Here's what I spent 4 excruciating weeks awaiting:

8:45 - Check in with reception
9:00 - Nurse calls me in
9:02 - Pee in cup for 1 billionth time this pregnancy
9:03 - Blood pressure taken
9:04 - Vial of blood stolen
9:05 - Lay on table anxious to hear a heartbeat
9:06 - Heard strong, little heartbeat and is buttoning up pants
9:07 - Can't think of a single question to ask the doctor (apparently they've done this before)
9:08 - Scheduled next appointment
9:11 - In car ready to drive home
9:30 - Convinced I've ruined everything in the last 19 minutes and start to anxiously await next appointment

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Nicole J said...

I know what you mean. My husband wanted to attend all the prenatal appointments but he had to stay late at work this past time. I told him he wasn't going to miss anything but pee in a cup, blood pressure, weighing and heart beat again lol. Same sh!t different day.