Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sisterhood of the Traveling Shoes

Working out of a home office means I go to work in my socks and shower once every other month. So imagine my dismay when my boss unexpectedly asked me to go to a client meeting with him and I would need to wear A SUIT.

Since I'm a Fatty Patty right now, I had to go out and buy one. Which depressed me because it's nice living in the land of ignorant fat bliss. The solution? Spanky new shoes for the soul. 

The 4 inch heel should have been a deterrent, but their sexy siren call was irresistible. Wearing these shoes would surely make everyone look past the 20 extra pounds I'm carrying around and see me as an insatiable sex kitten.

Seeing as the vixen heels were in the running for world's most uncomfortable shoe, I wisely brought along travel shoes for the airport, taxi, lobby, elevator - every situation where I was not standing directly in front of my client.

Being me, I chose the world's second most uncomfortable shoe as my travel shoe. 

Hear me out...these shoes look like they should be comfortable and I fall for their lies every time; forgetting they are about 10 sizes too small.

Did you know it is next to impossible to buy women's shoes in an airport? Men's shoes? Every other store including the newsstand. Women's shoes...nowhere to be found.

By the end of the trip I found a pair of travel socks.

Less sex kitten and more furry muppet. 

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