Saturday, February 19, 2011

Note: Chivalry is Still Dead

Since my trip to Boston this week was so traumatic, I made it a point to head to the grocery store as soon as I got home. I stocked up on big leafy greens, quinoa, apples, dried apricots and other assorted poop-blasting fiber foods. Damned if I'm going to get clogged up again.

And boy, was I pleased as punch with my shopping experience.

People were stepping aside for me, helping me grab the heavier items off the shelves, unloading my cart for me. Come know it's nice to feel special now and again.

I ran home to tell Michael how pleasant my shopping experience was. And how nice it is to have people finally be able to see I'm pregnant and not just a potato chip junkie.

Here's how that conversation panned out:

Me: Wow. What a great trip. Pregnant ladies do get all the perks. I had guys rushing to help me left and right. It was really sweet.

Michael: [Being the ever-skeptical man...] Was it all guys or both women and men?

Me: Well, now that I think of it, it was all men. But whatever. They were very nice. [Does a little swirl in the new cute dress which I believe shows off my barely there baby bump.] And all because I'm pregnant.

Michael: [Eye-balling dress which he realizes shows off my ridiculously gargantuan boobs and doesn't even register the baby bump.] I don't think it had anything to do with you being pregnant...

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