Monday, December 19, 2011

You're Welcome, In Advance

Turns out Christmas is THIS weekend and not 3 weekends away as I was imagining it to be. Boy, that came as a shock.

Every holiday season, there comes a day (read: Christmas Eve) where I head out to some general Buy Crap Here store because I have bought zero presents and am left to find the perfect gift among the remnants left by savvy shoppers who finished their shopping on Thanksgiving. I usually have a meltdown somewhere in the midst of trying to decide if my mother would prefer a birthday cake scented candle gift set or another pair of plaid pajamas startlingly reminiscent to the set I bought last year.

I'm not sure if you guys have heard of this thing called the Internet, but it's pretty amazing.

But this post isn't about Christmas shopping and how I want to make out with Amazon and its two-day free shipping because now I don't need to step foot in a mall.

This post is about The Holiday Card.

One of the main perks of becoming a parent is the seemingly easy holiday card business. Get a shot of the kid, choose a bland holiday saying, order a postcard, print labels and send. No handwritten, customized blurbs. No finding a cute, but poignant, but funny, but serious holiday card. 


As long as you remember to order the card.

Which I didn't.

So on Saturday, I was standing in my grocery store when I remembered I needed to do holiday cards. The display table wasn't inspiring: 3 boxes of cards showcasing the Virgin Mary, Baby Jesus and a Bible verse, 1 box adorned with a menorah and a box of cards with Precious Moments figurines in a nativity scene had been opened and rifled through.

Maybe I could wait and do New Year's cards? Or Valentine's Day cards...people wouldn't expect that; it could become our shtick.

And I headed home feeling guilty. Convinced The Bean would find out that for her first Christmas I didn't dress her up like an elf and send a photo of her to every person we ever met. What kind of therapy would she need to overcome that?

Then I thought for a minute. The Internet! It MUST be able to help!

20 minutes and $4 later, I had myself a mother-loving Christmas miracle which we sent out today AND saved trees (PLUS! now my friends aren't left with the awkward decision of determining when is the appropriate day to throw out all the photos they received of people's kids - January 18th, FYI).

Happy holidays!

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Amy E said...

Mega cute.

No Drama Mama said...

Brilliant! So I'm not the only one guilty of forgetting cards this year. Every time a parent brings a Christmas card to Miss L's teacher, I feel like a jerk.