Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Sunny Side of Life

OK. Before friends and family start a suicide watch on me, call child protective services or run to the doctor's for vasectomies, I have a confession to make.

Parenthood? It doesn't all suck.

Pinky swear. No backsies.

It's easy - and a lot funnier - to focus on the mishaps and trials of parenthood because you go into parenthood thinking you have it all figured out; only to be rendered completely useless and frazzled by something weighing 10 pounds and unable to lift its own head.

Talk about humbling.

But when it comes down to it, parenthood is awesome and I wish I had done it sooner (you know, when I was younger and staying up all night was what I wanted to do).

Month 1 sucks (totally sort of kidding). The child eats, sleeps and poops - mostly sleeps. Which would be awesome if you weren't completely amped up on adrenaline and convinced the only way the child will survive is if you stare at it. Forever.

Month 1 involves a lot of TV.

Month 1

In Month 2 you learn to sleep when the child sleeps which makes your own survival through parenthood bootcamp possible.

Month 2
By Month 3, you are suddenly grateful for being alive. Not because you've made it this long in parenthood bootcamp, but because you realize it took great restraint for your own parents to not kill you when they went through this crap with you. There are some major Mother's and Father's Day presents on the horizon for Nana and Grandpa this year. 
Month 3

Month 4 brings with it baby smiles and baby laughs that can melt your heart...or extremely embarrass you because your child sounds like a dying hyena when she laughs and then it hits you that she is mimicking what she hears from you.

Month 4
 And by Month 5 you realize you have a little human on your hands. It's a person already becoming independent and having their own thoughts; most of which do not coincide with your own...a theme that will last throughout both of your lives.

Month 5
 It's amazing.

It's tough.

It's worth it.



No Drama Mama said...

The first true. I was exhausted, and my husband was mystified. All the baby does is sleep, he reminded me, so why couldn't I just sleep too? Well, duh, because if I closed my eyes for a second SHE WOULD DIE. Geez.

Nicole J @ Pampers & Pumps said...

I'm with ya 100%! I love the things like the giggles, smiles and babbling but hated all the work that it took to get to that point. It was draining but all worth it.

humanmama said...

Awesome. And, truly, it gets so much less suckier (yes that is a word) that it TRICKS you into having MORE children. Seriously. Evil motherhood.

Anonymous said...

Darn. Your other posts were really helping me remember to take my BCPs.

Missy said...

Oh that picture from month 4. Month one sucks so badly. I won't even pretend it doesn't (didn't). But you're getting to the fun stuff now, girl!

Venassa said...

Month one and half of month two nearly killed me. Even when she was good and sleeping, I was constantly stressed that I wasn't going to get enough sleep. The rest of month 2 she was a great sleeper (still is, mostly) and things just keep getting easier. She had her first laugh yesterday. I can't wait until her next one.
This post is oh so true. I'm about to be a new follower, btw :)

Shelley said...

yes!! so true!!

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

Oh I totally love this post, it's SO true!!! Your little one is freaking adorable too, I have a 5 month old so I can completely empathize on the journey. Visiting from from Nicole B at Pampers and Pumps, she's so awesome :)