Monday, September 19, 2011

Parenthood: The Movie: The Early Days

[The movie begins...]


Welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood. A rewarding journey that you and and yours will travel together and look back upon fondly until the end of days.

Your first month as parents will be exciting and full of love.

You'll cherish and enjoy this time together as you build the bonds which will hold you together as a family.

You and your partner will be a team.

You will be each other's support and pillar of strength.

And don't forget to schedule some time alone with each other.

By month two, you will be well into your routine and really getting the hang of your new roles as parents.

You might even begin to resume some of the activities you participated in prior to having a baby.

Sometime during the second month, you and your baby will enjoy sleeping through the night.

Congratulations! You've made it through the first two months of parenthood.


Nicole J @ Knocked Up said...

Haha I loved this post!!!

Margaux said...

Fantastic and SO TRUE!

M. Donovan said...

that is so awesome. especially the party scene. and the lying awake all night scene waiting for the baby to wake up.

humanmama said...

oh my hilariousness, this is now my new favorite. But there are so many! It's okay. I have 12 seconds of free time per day. During which I can fold laundry, eat, and read your blog. Keep 'em coming!