Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Sad Text Conversation (For Me. For You, It's Funny.)

Mrs Dzo: Things that are embarrassing: Having a 9-month pregnant woman be in better shape than you.

Michael: Hah.

Mrs Dzo: I could barely keep up with her.

Michael: To be fair, she is in better shape than anyone. But it puts things in perspective. It's like when my brother and Deets (his doberman) got beat by a girl and her dachshund in that half marathon.

Mrs Dzo: At least she gives me something to aspire to...? I mean, gosh, if only I could be as fit as a pregnant woman.

Michael: You should probably be thinking in fractions. Try aiming for half as fit as her.

Mrs Dzo: Depressing. But I survived the WHOPPING 2 miles. Though I was holding The Bean for half of it. She decided to have a hissy fit and wanted nothing to do with being in the stroller. Probably because she was ashamed of me.

Michael: I'm sure that was awesome.

Mrs Dzo: Well, it was sort of like being in boot camp and carrying a sack with you while you work out. Except my sack was hollering at me.


Tim said...

For me it's particularly funny.

Mrs. D-Zo said...

Yes, somehow I thought you would...

Missy said...

That is pretty funny. You wanna know something funnier? My husband refuses to text!

M. Donovan said...

I was in better shape 9 mos pregnant than now, 3 years later. Yikes.

Michael Dezso said...

I still love the idea of carrying a sack. That's hollering at you.