Sunday, March 6, 2011

Positive Thinking

It's not that I'm a negative person, but sometimes I'm a little less effusive than others in my peer set (yes, I am referring to the peer set of women-in-general).

I have a hard time getting excited over shoes, Sex in the City and even the whole mommy-to-be thing. (Clarification: I am looking forward to being a mom, but the planning, squealing, holding baby clothes up to my belly parts of pre-motherhood...PASS).

When I end up in my Grumble-saurus pants, Michael forces me to make gratitude lists. Probably because it keeps me occupied for 45 minutes which is 45 minutes less of bitching he has to listen to. But I do the lists because perspective on life isn't a bad thing. Sure, I had to give up my wine and blue cheese for awhile, but there are little things like a house, readily available food and money that we have. So in the grand scheme of things, I'm ahead of the game.

To make up for my lack of unbridled optimism about pregnancy, I've decided to share my latest list with you.

Things that are awesome about pregnancy:

  1. Feeling the baby kick

  2. Not having a period for 10 months (Did you miss the part where you are actually pregnant for 10 months and not 9?? Yeah, there's some crap they don't tell you BEFORE you get pregnant...but we're being positive here.)

  3. Getting fat Maternity pants

  4. There's always a default topic of conversation when you unexpectedly bump into someone while you're out running errands or are at a party chatting with people you don't know. There are some days when I can hold court with the best of them, but most of the time I'm just socially awkward and would prefer to avoid talking to people altogether. So having some material in my back pocket is a huge relief.

  5. OCD The nesting instinct means my house no longer looks like a war zone

  6. Insomnia; Swollen breasts; Complete inability to make up one's mind about anything; Constipation; Morning sickness; Rapid hair growth...everywhere... I think I'm getting off track here...

See...I can be positive.

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